eCommerce Website

  • web design for a salt lake city based ski company
  • web design for a salt lake city based ski company
  • web design for a salt lake city based ski company

WooCommerce And DocuSign Were Essential To This Recipe

This site allows users to pay an online fee in order to apply to a state certified Institute for the culinary arts. Pixelcrane can help you create an eCommerce site for whatever it is you would like to sell online.

  • Skills:

    • Web Development
    • WordPress CMS
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • SSL Certificate Acquisition
    • Customized Auto-Response Emails
    • DocuSign PowerForm Creation and Integration

The Short Version

Online event registration for “virtual products” using the WooCommerce plugin and DocuSign.

The Long Version

Park City Culinary Institute had an existing site with plenty of good content, but they wanted to make it easier for prospective attendees to apply. They asked Pixelcrane to build a secure, responsive, online application system. Features of this solution include:

  • SSL Certificate and payment gateway configuration
  • Capturing an applicant’s contact data prior to completion of the form
  • reating a “virtual” product in WooCommerce so users can pay an application fee with a credit card or check
  • Form validation
  • Auto-response emails
  • DocuSign PowerForm delivered via an auto-response email

Prospective attendees can now fill out a online step-form and pay their application fee 24/7. The system can now also accommodate tuition payments and specialized catering orders.